A family tree depicting the families and characters of the Casual Vacancy, and showing J. K. Rowling's intricate web of love and hate. Please let me know if there is any mistakes.

The FairbrothersEdit

Barry Fairbrother, former Pagford Parish Councillor whose death leaves a casual vacancy.

Mary Fairbrother, widow of Barry.

Fergus Fairbrother, eldest son of Barry and Mary.

Niamh and Siobhan, twin daughters of Barry and Mary.

Declan Fairbrother, youngest son of Barry and Mary.

The MollisonsEdit

Howard Mollison, delicatessen owner and Parish Council leader.

Miles Mollison, son of Howard and Shirley, election candidate, lawyer and business partner of Gavin Hughes.

Shirley Mollison, wife of Howard, Parish Council website administrator.

Samantha Mollison, wife of Miles and owner of a bra shop.

Libby Mollison, oldest daughter of Miles and Samantha.

Lexie Mollison, youngest daughter of Miles and Samantha.

Pat Mollison, sister to Miles, child of Howard and Shirley, left home.

Maureen, business partner to Howard, supposedly had an affair with him.

The WeedonsEdit

Kystal Weedon, Fields resident, focus of Barry Fairbrother's writing, Winterdown row-team memeber.

Terri Weedon, mother of Krystal, drug addict.

Robbie Weedon, son of Terri and brother to Krystal.

Nana Cath, great-grandmother to Krystal, grandmother to Terri.

Obbo, Terri's drug-dealer.

Cheryl Weedon, Terri's sister.

Danielle Weedon, Terri's sister, moved to a better area.

Anne-Marie, Krystal's half-sister who she desires to meet.

The WallsEdit

Stuart "Fats" Wall, best friend of Andrew, sexual partner of Krystal.

Colin "Cubby" Wall, adoptive father to Fats, election candidate, Deputy Headmaster at Winterdown Comprehensive.

Tessa Wall, adoptive mother to Fats, guidance teacher to Krystal.

The PricesEdit

Andrew Price, Copper Kettle employee, fancies Gaia Bawden.

Simon Price, abusive father to Andrew, initially runs for the election.

Ruth Price, mother to Andrew, wife of Simon.

Paul Price, brother to Andrew, terrified of his father.

The BawdensEdit

Kay Bawden, social worker whose first case in Pagford is the Weedon family, initial partner to Gavin.

Gaia Bawden, daughter of Kay, love interest of Andrew, Copper Kettle employee.

Gavin, initial partner of Kay, lawyer in charge of Barry's life insurance, in love with Mary.

The JawandasEdit

Parminder Jawanda, doctor, Parish Council member, Pro-Fielder.

Sukhvinder Jawanda, daughter of Parminder and Wikram, Copper Kettle employee, Winterdown row-team member.

Vikram Jawanda, husband of Parminder, heart-surgeon who saved Howard's life.

Rajpal Jawanda, brother to Sukhvinder and Jaswant.

Jaswant Jawanda, sister to Sukhvinder and Rajpal.

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