See below for a guide to colloquial and formal British terms used in The Casual Vacancy.


Casual Vacancy: accidental or unexpected situation in which a Local Council seat is vacated during the assembly's term.

City: a group of communities selected by the British Monarch, giving the city no special rights other than the status "city".

Comprehensive: a large British or Canadian school for chidren/teenagers of all abilities.

Fag: cigarette.

GCSE: General Certificate of Secondary Education: the basic level of a subject taken in school.

Loo: the bathroom or toilet.

Mock: a preliminary exam in preparation for a more important one.

Nappy: diaper.

Nursery: "preschool" or "kindergarten".

People-carrier: a large (usually seven-seater) car commonly used by families.

Prick: Insult, literally meaning penis, but meant as an unkind person.

Twat: a posh or snobbish person.

Wog: racist term a black person.

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